A whimsical reinterpretation of mistaken identity, Director Dmitry Povolotsky explores this classic subject matter focusing his comedic vision on a hotel maid, a diva actress, and her lover.

Written and Directed by: Dmitry Povolotsky

Roger Smith Shorts Film Festival Workshop 2009

Cast: Susan Brady, Michael Mason, Sarah Lilley

Crew: Executive Producer John Knowles, Brendan Crane

DP: Christina Voros – Art Direction: Julia Cairo – Asst. Director: Rebecca Conroy – Sound Recordist: Marcin Tyszka – Editor: Julia Kots

About the Roger Smith Shorts
With support from Ghetto Film School, Brooklyn Brewery and the Roger Smith Hotels patronage to the arts, the Roger Smith Shorts 09 (Festival Workshop) was conceived. The concept was envisioned as a collaboration of creativity and ingenuity among visual storytellers and those who form the structure behind it.