The Window at 125 is delighted to have had Berlin based artist Elana Katz, participating as #12 in The Introducing Series. The first of 2013 in fact.

It was a thought provoking, deeply moving performance. The remains of the 8 hour performance existed in the space for the following two weeks, and was accompanied by a video of the performance in the window.

The Introducing Series is an initiative that creates a platform for emerging artists to be formally introduced by an advocate of their art and future career. Twice a month a new artist will be presented by their champion and will have an exemplary piece of work exhibited at The Window at 125.

To accompany the piece in the window space, a celebration of each artist and the formal introduction will take place in the form of a conversation between the champion and artist during an invitational evening. They are posted in its entirety every two weeks here on Vimeo and on

And watch the conversation between Elana, and David C. Terry, who ‘introduced’ her.