Video as an art-form was my creative indulgence in 2011. I have been testing visual concept through patterns and loops and have developed a style and method for my creative expression. It has inspired new collaborative projects that test my ability to mix and balance different elements of light, color, intent and other contributing inputs.

On November 20th 2011, I set up my projections with artist Daniel Rothbart to test out new forms of creative alchemy. The ingredients of the experiment consisted of my intent to drive future success and innovation combined with Daniels perspective as a conductor within the light.

Together we explored the dimension of the empty space in the bowls and played with the shadows as they appeared on the wall behind him. His calm and observant nature provided the an ideal collaborative chemistry.

So what can you as the objective observer take away from this experience? I believe that creative expressions of intent opens the door to new realizations and physical manifestations. By exploring the depths of your creative potential you can imagine and experience any reality you choose. My objective is to inspire and stimulate others to create and participate.

Stay tuned for collaborative art projects in 2012. We will soon be launching an Artist meetup at the Roger Smith where creative personalities be able to meet and experiment.

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