Welcome to the Roger Smith News World Report travel blog. Are, Sweden!

My travels took me this past winter to the mountain ski town of Are Sweden. Being my third time back it was good to take on the mountain with @RShotel intern Oscar Wallen. The snow was fast and the conditions were great.

Roger Smith New reporting from the mountain with Oscar Wallen and the Panman himself.

I’ve got much love for the people of Are! I met great people traveling around with Nico Belloto and his crew & look forward to maintaining relationships with them in the future.
Kann dig som Hemma nar du ar I New York.

It’s a flip off. Beware of the next generation of creative talents! They are young, full of energy and they can operate with agility in new technological age. Axel Bengtson, Son of Ulrika Bengtson got his hands on a flip camera and it was game on.

I hope to make it back to Are this winter as I think it is one of the premier skiing destinations in the world. Great food, great people and truly a unique experience. If you have the chance to get there, you should go.

In the meantime I’m looking forward to tackling the mountains in VT this year.  I hear that the northeast is going to get a hell of a winter. I will probably hit up Magic Mt, and support the local So. Londonderry trails! Who’s up for some ski weekends?

See you on the slopes.

I like to get feedback as always. Let me know what you think of the travel log… Is it engaging? How can I make it better? What would you like to see more of? Also if you operate a travel blog yourself, let me know about it. I would love to hear of your travels and share them with the world. Be sure to leave a link below so we can follow your adventures. Safe travels.


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