You gotta watch out for the next generation of talent… They are creative, they technical and they are 6 years old. With a flip camera, and an experimental approach, Axel Bengtsson and I set out to make a couple of videos in Are Sweden.

Our objectives in Sweden, was to establish and grow the Swedish connection in NYC.

You can follow the chain of events from our travels here our blog to keep up with our @RShotel travels.  Building human connections from the Roger Smith Hotel is one of our goal. We aim to engage different audiences while keeping our stories real, fun and interactive.

I am believer in rewarding those who participate in our Roger Smith Hotel culture.  Recently we have initiated a program called ROGERSREWARDS.  Todays Rogersreward is a 100 dollar voucher good towards the booking of a Roger Smith Hotel Suite. If you leave a comment on this blog post, with a suggestion for the next video you would like Axel Bengtsson to make, I will reward each new user comment with a 100 dollars Rogersreward. The best film idea for Axel to direct will receive a free night at the Roger Smith Hotel.

As always, please share and engage. I am @pancity on Twitter. Follow me and @RShotel to be in the know with things that are happening at the Roger Smith Hotel.



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  1. Adam Wallace
    April 13, 2011

    This is brilliant!! I love this interview. Great style, shots and editing. Really funny. One of my favs of the year :)