This is the story of how Roger Smith is become more then just a hotel in New York. There are many hotels in New York and we are not the biggest, the newest or the fanciest. Our rooms are large in comparison to other hotels yet they have an old-world charm.

So how does a 130 room hotel in the middle of midtown Manhattan distinguish itself from it’s competitors?

What does Roger Smith think of himself?
Roger Smith is a place of ideas!
Roger Smith is a friendly host!
Roger Smith is a place for advanced media opportunities!
Roger Smith is a place for the arts; both creation and consumption!
Roger Smith is a place to be discovered!
Roger Smith is a place to be launched!
Roger Smith shares your content!
Roger Smith creates his own content!
Roger Smith is a personality!
I am Roger Smith!
You are Roger Smith!
He is Roger Smith!
Roger Smith Pops Up!
Roger Smith will engage with you on twitter as well a have a drink with you in Lilys!
Roger Smith will be your friend, follow you and learn about your influence!
Roger Smith is not just a Hotel, it is a family!
Become part of the Culture!